2022 / 2023


Cliff Beirne

Cliff Beirne (Tennis, 1979)


Anthony Ryan

Anthony Ryan (Football, 2021)

Vice Presidents

Brian Dunnion

Brian Dunnion (Golf, 1981)


Darragh Garrahy

Darragh Garrahy (Golf, 2012)


Aidan Gleeson

Aidan Gleeson (Football, 1985)


Gerry Macken

Gerry Macken (Boat, 1979)

Honorary Secretary

Daniel O'Donovan

Daniel O'Donovan (Hockey, 2019)

Honorary Treasurer

Thomas Connolly

Thomas Connolly (Football, 2021)

Executive Committee

Henry Higgins

Henry Higgins (Sailing, 2021)

Executive Committee

Sanil Gupta

Sanil Gupta (Cricket, 2021)

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